Solutions for Physicians

Regardless of whether you are a new resident or have been practicing medicine for years, we can help you move toward your financial goals through our proven holistic process. Some of the services and products that we offer for Physicians include:

Tax Planning

We understand and have seen how many tax deductions the average taxpayer misses, and we don’t want you to miss out on those too. We will help you by taking a look at the many components of a financial plan that takes into account current income taxes, future investments and the ability to withdraw funds when necessary.

Disability Insurance

Working and your ability to earn a living to protect you and your family is one of the most valuable assets that you can possess. All of your plans for the future are based on the assumption that you will have a steady income until retirement. But what if it were not your decision? What if you were struck with an unexpected illness or injury? Expenses due to disability often increase at the same time that income decreases. In the event that you’re unable to work because of an unexpected illness or injury, your family’s financial future can be ruined. That’s when disability insurance is of prime importance. We can help make sure you have a plan in place in the unexpected event of an illness or injury that leaves you unable to work.

Malpractice Insurance

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong during a procedure, you need to be sure that you and your business are covered for the consequences. We can offer insurance options to provide defense and damages for failure to or improper rendering of patient care. General insurance doesn’t cover this type of situation, so it’s important to include malpractice insurance in your plan, and we can help.

Wealth Management and Retirement Planning

We work with our clients to design and implement a variety of accumulation and retirement income plans, offering insurance products, investment programs ranging from separately managed portfolios of stocks and bonds to mutual funds, and access to third-party wealth management programs. We offer a consistent process to ensure management of investment assets according to your goals, risk tolerances and time horizon. We then monitor your plan on a continual basis, and adjust and evolve as your needs change.

Life Insurance

Many people think that life insurance is only for people with families. While it is true that life insurance can help provide for the needs of dependents, life insurance also can be an important part of a well-thought-out estate, business succession or charitable giving plan. And permanent life insurance offers many living benefits as well, such as tax-deferred cash value accumulation. For all of these reasons, life insurance can be important for someone starting out – or for someone who's starting over.

  • Whole Life
  • Term Life
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Universal Life
  • Survivorship Life

Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial analysis of assets, liabilities, cash flow and investments helps us identify a clear path to our clients’ prosperous futures. We’ll craft a detailed financial plan that helps you have the right wealth accumulation and preservation strategy in place to achieve your long-term investment objectives. More importantly, we continuously monitor and adjust our client’s financial plans to ensure that they remain aligned with their stated objectives.


An annuity is a unique financial vehicle designed to help you accumulate money for your retirement and/or turn a lump-sum of money into a guaranteed stream of income payments. Deferred annuities offer the advantage of tax-deferral and can be used to accumulate money for retirement. Income annuities are used to generate a stream of income payments that is guaranteed to last for as long as you need it to – even for the rest of your life*. Some of the different types of annuities are:

  • Fixed Interest Deferred Annuities
  • Lifetime Income Annuities
  • Variable Deferred Annuities

*Guarantees are dependent upon the claims paying ability of the issuing insurer.

Investment Management

Managing your wealth requires a clear understanding of your overall investment objectives. Eagle's comprehensive investment advisory capabilities utilizes a disciplined investment approach that looks beyond traditional asset allocation, while addressing important factors such as risk tolerance levels and investment time horizons, to provide a clearer picture of our clients’ overall wealth.

Asset Protection

There are numerous financial strategies and retirement income plans that can help you accumulate assets for the future, shield your business and personal assets from liabilities, and safeguard asset transfer to children and grandchildren. We can help you figure out what the right course of action is for your specific situation and objectives.

Charitable Planning

Charitable planning allows you to support the organizations and causes that matter to you, while often providing immediate income streams and reducing your tax burden. Numerous charitable giving strategies exist, and we can help you design and execute a charitable giving plan that is in alignment with your personal and philanthropic goals.

Estate Planning

A well-engineered estate conservation plan can minimize tax liability and ensure that loved ones are protected. We will work with you and your other advisors to assess the impact of state and federal taxes on your estate and suggest strategies to help minimize those taxes while meeting your personal philosophies and family needs.

Neither TDG Financial nor NYLIFE Securities LLC or its agents offer legal, tax or accounting advice. Please consult your own legal, tax or accounting professional before making any decisions.



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